Building a sales prospecting process

One of the biggest challenges of opening your own business is constructing a sales pipeline. It takes time and effort to be recognized in your own industry and to develop the credibility necessary to start closing business.

In the spring semester of 2015, I had taken a professional selling course at Harvard University Extension School which focused on the practical skills of B2B selling. The focus of the class was a group project focusing on the practical selling challenges of the students. The focus chosen by my group was the prospecting process of Dartamon Consulting. The time had come for Dartamon to become more robust at hunting for new business and the group project uncovered what currently works for a startup consulting company and what doesn't.

A key takeaway from the project was the need to also build a better online marketing system. We are not as good as we could be at using online marketing and lead generation to find new business, but we will improve and I will post the results here.

The results of our group project can be found in our new Papers section.

Finally, I would like to thank my team members Nimita Mittra and Trevor Georgie for their hard work and dedication to making the group project succeed.