Data science is the use of data processing and analytics tools in order to extract business value out of unorganized data. Most commonly our clients are looking for customer metrics, new opportunities and improving the velocity of business processes. At Dartamon we use conventional data science tools such as R and SSIS to deliver insights to customers as well as new machine learning tools from Microsoft Azure, Google and DataRobot. We follow the CRISP-DM methodology from from understanding the underlying business needs to deployment of a continuous data mining system.

With over 10 years of experience in computer engineering and software engineering technology, we bring specialized and certified skills in: - Windows Front-End - C#/XAML - Web Front-End - HTML5/Javascript - Server/Cloud - ASP.NET/Azure - Mobile - Cross-platform and native Windows 10, Android, iOS

Designing enterprise systems involves more than just creating code layers and database scripts. The issues that we can address are:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Reusability and portability of code
  • Instrumentation
  • Continuous improvement

Sometimes things go wrong, schedules slip, vendor tools don't work and the deadline is looming. In the past we have firefought numerous project using our method:
1. Define the damage control goals
2. Create a new dependency timetable
3. Execute quickly and be aware of what can be achieved under a crunch

The Internet of Things is the additional of low-power and previously unconnected devices to the Internet due to the decreased cost of connctivity via Wi-Fi and cell data network. The Internet of Things is normally coupled with analytics or organizational tools in order to gather masses of data or to activate large-scale systems. Examples of Internet of Things implementations include larger sensor arrays in pipelines, tracking NFL players on the field with RFID tags and smart electrical power grids.

In addition to directly contributing technical expertise to a project, we enable your teams to grow and perform faster through:

  • Formal engineering training
  • Team mentoring
  • Software development lifecycle management

In the past we have managed deliverables of multi-disciplinary (business line, UI design, engineering, marketing) teams to complete things on time and on budget. This includes experience with managing virtual teams. We can step in to manage a complex team for a critical project and successfully deliver.

Do you have an outdated VB application that needs to be converted to a modern stack? Or a business process that could use modern hardware such as a Windows 10 tablet or a virtual reality system? We will modernize your existing business process or a technology solution to become more manageable and less risky to maintain.

We can work through the details of a software project and create detailed estimates. Our goal will be to maximize the impact of your budget; prevent scope creep and overruns.